As soon as we sat down, my date started snapping his fingers in the air. When the waiter came over my date said, "Do I look like the kind of guy who waits for sh#t? Bring us a couple of martinis." I told the waiter that only 1 drink would be necessary and asked my date if I looked like the kind of girl who dates a@#holes. Then I got up and left.
I was on a date with a guy I had met at Starbucks. We clicked, so we continued the date at a bar. I went to the bathroom and as I walked back I saw him slip something into my drink. I pretended to take a sip, but when he wasn't looking I switched glasses with him. 5 minutes later he was passed out. Takes a real idiot to drug yourself!
My boyfriend took me out to this amazing restaurant but kept getting up to go to the bathroom. I felt so badly because I thought he was sick. Turns out he had another date in the back of the restaurant and kept switching between me and her. I felt like I was in a movie- these things don't happen in real life!
We had good conversation and things seemed to be going fine during dinner. Then I offered to walk my date home and she accepted. But, as soon as we started walking she sped up and jogged away from me. She never looked back and I watched her get into a cab on the next block.
Recently, I was on a blind date that was so bad that the women sitting at the table next to us actually leaned over and told us both that we should quit while we were ahead.
We were sitting at an outdoor cafe in the city when a gust of wind blew my date's sweater off the back of her chair. Trying to impress her, I jumped up and chased it into the street. I picked the sweater up and was feeling like a hero when a cab turning the corner hit me.
TRUE Story: I met this guy at a bar and we totally connected, so we made dinner plans. Dinner was great, and we really hit it off. He invited me back to his place, but when we got there, all his stuff was on the sidewalk...he had been evicted while we were out!! Totally awkward.
I went out to dinner with a guy (set up by a friend). He was wearing a hoodie and had the hood up with the strings tied pretty tightly the entire meal. I felt like I was on a date with Kenny from Southpark.
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