What do you mean "Dating Fails"???
When it comes to dating, guys and girls are usually on their best behavior and are all just trying to make a good first impression. But, have you ever been out on a date when something hilariously awful or awfully hilarious happens? Well we have and we think the stories are just plain funny. It could be as simple as watching your date floss his/her teeth at the dinner table or as complex as spending a night in jail following a bar brawl that your date started. Yup, both of these are real-life Dating Fails! This is your place to let the world know about the weird and wacky things that can happen when you dive (or simply dip a toe) into the dating pool. So, whether you commit the fail or are a victim of one we want to hear about it!

What makes an "Epic Fail"???
Some Dating Fails are so huge and so incredible that we want our users to have easy access to these monstrous dating disasters. Our Epic Fails section accomplishes this by displaying the top Dating Fails of all time, as voted by you (our loyal users). That is why it is critical that you exercise your power to vote whenever you browse our pages. Simply click on the thumbs up or thumbs down icons directly below each post to let everyone know what you think. The Dating Fails that rack up the most positive votes can make the transition to Epic Fails. When you are looking for a quick chuckle on a particularly dismal day or for chasing away a typical case of the Monday morning blues, the Epic Fails section is for you. Think of it as our version of Dating Fails Greatest Hits!!!

Did all of this stuff actually happen???
As hard as it is to believe, our dating high-jinx are 100% certified, grade A fact. We kid, we kid. Seriously, how would we ever be able to certify that? However, it has been our experience that real life is usually funnier than anything that the average Joe could ever come up with. So, we have no reason to believe that the Dating Fails you see posted here are anything but the truth. That is, unless most of you are gainfully-employed comedy writers.

You gotta hear this one!!! How do I submit?
Simply click on the "Submit a Fail" tab and you will be able to fill everyone in on your dating horror stories. Our moderators are hard at work getting the posts up as quickly as possible, but you can do your part by trying to make your anecdotes as concise and free of typos as possible. Just to give you fair warning... if your Dating Fail is too similar to an existing post, contains profanity, or is deemed unfunny by our moderators it may not be posted!

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