My co-worker kept trying set me up with her brother's wife's brother. He was 42 (I was 24) and had four kids by three different women. Also he had full or partial custody of all four kids... he wasn't really interested in a relationship as much as someone who would be a free babysitter because he hated having to take care of them.
I went on a date for the first time in 4 years. I accidentally sneezed while eating the spaghetti and a saucy noodle shot half way out of my nose while the other half remained in my throat and causing me to gag loudly. Everyone at the surrounding tables laughed except for my date.
I went out with a very attractive guy who is a personal trainer, so I knew he was into fitness. What I didn't expect was for him to tell me how many calories and grams of fat were in everything I ordered at dinner. After I took EVERY bite he told me how many push-ups or squats I would need to do to burn it off. No wonder he's still single.
A guy I met at the gym took me to dinner one night at a Mexican restaurant (his suggestion). When the waitress came over to the table he ordered nachos for us to share. She asked if we wanted all the toppings on them. He said to hold the beans, because they give him diarrhea. Who says that!?!
A guy from work invited me out to a local waterpark. I had a major crush on him and I was thrilled he had asked. I bought a new bikini and was feeling pretty great in it... Until halfway down the first water slide when the bikini bottom got caught on a nail and tore in two.
On a second date, I invited this guy over at my place because I was too sick to go out to dinner. He knew I wasn't feeling well, but insisted on dropping by. I was so nauseous that I couldn't eat or even look at food. So I popped a frozen pizza into the oven for him, eating nothing myself. His reaction: "Are you really sick or are you just lazy?"
On a 1st date, this guy tried to convince me that eating magic mushrooms was a blast. He then started telling me about how, when he first had tried them, he saw a very long worm with rainbow colors, that changed into the shape of a heart, and how he felt the love pouring out of him. I had to try so hard not to laugh and got out of there asap!
On my first date with a guy he brought me to the Ghost Rider movie and did the yawn/put his arm around me thing.
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