I laughed so hard at my date's joke that I peed in my pants- literally.
A guy I dated for a year broke up with me because I couldn't stand his smoking; weed and tobacco. You try kissing that.
One guy I went out with kept coughing up mucus and spitting it into a tissue. He mentioned that he was just getting over a cold, but it was still disgusting.
One guy I went out with told me, no less than 10 times, how deep he was in credit card debt and if there was any way I could lend him some cash. I told him that I wasn't in a position to be lending money, not to mention that we had just met. He said he understood and asked if I could at least pay for dinner!
One girl I dated turned to kiss me and she had a herpes sore in her mouth!
One girl I went out with told me that she is a vegetarian because she feels that she was an antelope in her past life. No joke.
One guy I was supposed to go out with called me an hour before we had planned to meet. He said he forgot that he had scheduled a poker game with his buddies and he wouldn't be able to make it.
My date refused to take off her fuzzy, winter hat during dinner because she said she was having a bad hair day.
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