My boyfriend took me out to this amazing restaurant but kept getting up to go to the bathroom. I felt so badly because I thought he was sick. Turns out he had another date in the back of the restaurant and kept switching between me and her. I felt like I was in a movie- these things don't happen in real life!
This guy took me salsa dancing, which I have no idea how to do. I kept stepping on his feet, but I finally got the hang of it. Towards the end of the night I was feeling pretty confident, so I tried a little move with my arm that the woman next to me was doing. I wound up elbowing my date in the face and he got a bloody nose! I was mortified.
I was supposed to meet a woman at a NYC lounge. The hostess told me that my date was downstairs. As I walked down, I slipped on something wet and fell down the bottom half of the staircase. The music was loud and it was pretty dark down there, so I don't think anyone saw me fall. But, I was embarrassed and a little shaken up.
My date asked the waiter for some crayons and drew extremely graphic pictures on the cocktail napkins. Very disturbing.
I went out with this guy a couple of times. He was okay, but I didn't have high hopes for it turning into anything great. Then, he e-mailed me a whole list of things that he didn't like about me and said that if I could work on them he would consider "getting serious."
We made plans to meet at a local frozen yogurt shop. We placed our order & the girl behind the counter asked if we wanted toppings. I ordered one, but my date insisted that she didn't want anything on hers. When we took our seats she opened her purse and took out 5 or 6 plastic bags, each filled with something different. It was a little strange.
During dinner one girl peeled the label off the ketchup bottle, ripped her paper napkin up in tiny pieces, and tore open most of the sugar packets in the bowl. I guess she had a lot of nervous energy, but I felt like I was on a date with a kid.
We went to an Italian restaurant for dinner. My date thought it would be funny to ask a whole bunch of ridiculous questions like, "Can I get drunk by eating the penne a la vodka?". Then he went on to order with a heavy Italian accent. The waiter was really pissed off and probably spit in our food.
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