I was in a chat room and met this this guy. We both love horses and we really hit it off. So we decided to met up in the stables. He looked at me and said the horses look better than you. I left and cried for 6 days straight!
One time, I found out that my boyfriend of three months went out to a movie with two of our mutual friends that are girls and didn't invite me. I found this out from another friend who had seen them there. When I confronted my boyfriend about it, he said that he wanted to be spontaneous. No joke. I broke up with him the next week.
My now ex, took me out for my birthday. When I expressed where I'd want to go (an inexpensive bar/grill place) he said, "That place probably sucks" and took me to one of his favorite restaurants, which wasn't even that good. Finally, at the end of the night I thanked him for my birthday dinner and he said, "Wait it was your birthday?"
Actual message copied directly from an online dating site from a 30 year old woman claiming intelligence, spelling errors and all. "ok doll. u r so right i am not intelligant..... u r so right darling lol....luv id run circles round u"
I was excited to let my friends meet the guy I had been seeing so I made plans for us all to meet at a restaurant. Dinner went great and my friends seemed to like him. He got up to go to the bathroom and was gone for awhile. Our waiter, who we knew from being semi-regulars, came up and told me my date had just asked out his co-worker. Scumbag!
I arrived for drinks a little early so I was sitting at the bar with my white wine. When my date arrived he ordered a glass of milk.
I went on a blind date, set up by his mom. We went to a great Mexican place, but the conversation wasn't very good - mostly because my date had two forks, so he could use BOTH hands to get food into his mouth. Apparently one fork didn't work fast enough.
I asked this chick out and after 2-3 days we were sitting at her house, in the living room, watching her little brother play his X-Box 360. I made one smart-ass comment to her brother, who is 12, and the next day she said it wasn't working out.
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