I'm from California and just moved to Tennessee. I went on a first date with a girl and the whole entire time she talked about assisting the births of baby horses, then castrating them, and then giving them enemas... I almost threw up right there in front of her...
I took this girl to the movies. When the movie started she began giving me a play by play of what was happening on screen, as if I didn't understand.. After awhile the people around us got annoyed and told her to shut up. She stood up and asked if i was going to let them speak to her that way.I couldnt help but laugh and she stormed out.
I've known this girl for some time and we used to go out in the same group of friends. One time, after drinks, we went for a drive on a hill to "check the view". I leaned over and kissed her. I think a wall would kiss better! Mortified, I pulled back, only to hear, to my great surprise, "Why did you stop?" She kissed me this time...same feeling.
I went on a date with this girl from work. We had dinner at a nice restaurant and it all seemed to be going great. While we were walking together on the street, a black Mercedes passed us by. The girl stopped walking, threw a hungry stare at the car and let out a sigh. She said: "Oh, money impresses me so much!" She went home, alone.
There is a girl I have known for years (since grade 2) and we just finished grade ten... So I ask her out and she says yes. I show up at her house on a Thursday night in July and she comes to the door. With a shocked look on her face she says... "OH MY GOD! I THOUGHT U WERE JOKING!"
I went out with this one girl a couple of times. On our third date she looked at me and asked if I had ever considered getting my eyebrows waxed.
So I went on a date with this girl. We went to see a movie and grabbed a coffee afterwards. I assumed she was quite nervous as she didn't say much, so to help things along I did a lot of the talking. The next day I received a text saying she didn't think it would work out as she had never met anyone who talked about themselves as much as me!
I went on a date with a guy full of tattoos. I asked what his "6"meant... he told me his 2 other friends had the other "6"s (as in 666). That made me want to take him right home to my family :)
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