Actual message copied directly from an online dating site from a 30 year old woman claiming intelligence, spelling errors and all. "ok doll. u r so right i am not intelligant..... u r so right darling lol....luv id run circles round u"
I asked this chick out and after 2-3 days we were sitting at her house, in the living room, watching her little brother play his X-Box 360. I made one smart-ass comment to her brother, who is 12, and the next day she said it wasn't working out.
On our 1st date she mentioned that she liked Swedish Fish candy. Things went well that night (she invited me back to her place). Second date I decided to bring her a pack of Swedish Fish. She seemed really happy to see me when she walked into the restaurant, but when I handed her the candy she told me that I was moving too fast and she left.
My date tried to introduce me to her guy friends...She thought I was gay.
I went on a date with a chick at a bar. I am 5'8" she was 6'5". Thats all i got to say.
I took a girl bowling once and she put her hand too close to the ball return. Her fingers got smashed between the balls and she started screaming and crying. The whole hand turned purple and swelled up like a balloon.
When I picked up my date she looked at me & made a weird face, like she was disappointed. I asked her what was wrong & she said that my shirt clashed with her outfit. She said to wait on her doorstep while she ran up to change. 25 min. later she came back & said that it would just be easier if we went out and bought me a new shirt before dinner.
I was invited to a party on Feb 13th. Sometime past midnight a drunk guy came up to me and asked me for a cigarette. When I offered him one, he took it, dropped it and then told me he loved me before kissing me fervently. He then proceeded to call his GIRLfriend and break up with her the night before Valentine's. We went out for about a week.
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