My friend set me up with a really cute guy. Dinner went well with lots of conversation. I thought we had chemistry & we both seemed into each other. At the end of the night I said that I would love to see him again. He looked at me in an apologetic way & said that he usually dates really skinny guys & I should call him if I lose 10 lbs!
Last night I went out with a girl who had a mouth like a truck driver. Every sentence she said contained at least one curse. I asked what TV shows she is into. She said, "Those Real f'ing Housewives of Beverly Hills are so f'ickg hilarious! They have all this s#%t they don't need and they don't give a f#*k about anyone but themselves."
I reconnected with my ex from high school a few months ago and I asked her out to dinner. It was nothing fancy, but I was excited for the date. I ordered a beer and a chicken parm... she ordered a Shirley Temple and asked to see he children's menu because she was really craving mac and cheese. We're 28, not still in high school.
I was supposed to meet a woman at a NYC lounge. The hostess told me that my date was downstairs. As I walked down, I slipped on something wet and fell down the bottom half of the staircase. The music was loud and it was pretty dark down there, so I don't think anyone saw me fall. But, I was embarrassed and a little shaken up.
We made plans to meet at a local frozen yogurt shop. We placed our order & the girl behind the counter asked if we wanted toppings. I ordered one, but my date insisted that she didn't want anything on hers. When we took our seats she opened her purse and took out 5 or 6 plastic bags, each filled with something different. It was a little strange.
During dinner one girl peeled the label off the ketchup bottle, ripped her paper napkin up in tiny pieces, and tore open most of the sugar packets in the bowl. I guess she had a lot of nervous energy, but I felt like I was on a date with a kid.
One woman I was seeing invited me to game night. We started with Pictionary and I was drawing 1st(I am definitely NOT an artist, by any stretch). My date starts cursing & yelling at me that my clues suck. She was fuming that we lost, giving me dirty looks & actually said that she didn't think it would work out between us.
After only 5 dates I got a message on my cell phone from one girl. She sang "I Just Called to Say I Love You"... the entire song.
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