I went out with this girl who chewed with her mouth wide open. I was so repulsed that I couldn't look at her, so I kept scanning the room. Finally, she said "What, am I not hot enough for you? You're looking for someone better?". I had to tell her the truth. She was so insulted, she started yelling at me and stormed off.
I had a girl tell me that I seemed like a great guy, but I reminded her of Edward Norton. And since she hated his character in some movie that she couldn't even remember the name of, it would never work out between us.
I got a drink by the bar while I waited for my blind date to get to dinner. A gorgeous lady sat down next to me. We started talking & really hit it off. I didn't want to blow it, so I didn't say that I was there to meet someone else. When my date arrived I heard her ask the hostess if I had arrived. I didn't say anything & watched her leave.
I asked a hot girl from my dorm to my frat formal. She said she'd go, so my brothers & I made all the plans (hotel room, tuxes, etc.) When I went to pick her up, a guy opened her door and said, "Can I help you?" Her boyfriend had come to surprise her for the weekend. She insisted on still coming to my formal, so I wouldn't be dateless. He came too.
I went out with one girl a few times before I realized that she was too weird for me. After not calling her back or answering her texts for a few weeks I came home from work one day to find a package from the cheese of the month club with an "I miss you" note. She had enrolled me for a year...too bad I'm lactose intolerant.
Last weekend I took out this really hot chick that works at the bank. Over dinner she confessed to me that she has been stealing toilet paper, sticky tape, coffee, and lollipops from the bank's supply closet to resell on ebay. Now, I'm a little nervous that she has access to my bank account.
I picked a girl up for our date and she kept me waiting in her living room for an hour and a half, while she finished getting ready. Her roommate was in there too watching a Lifetime movie. She didn't say one word to me the entire time.
I was hooking up with one girl when she tried to bite my neck. She claimed that she was a vampire and needed to feed. I threw her off me and got the hell out of there.
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