This one girl walked into the bar looking rough. We sat down...she opened her purse & started lining up all of her makeup on the table. She spent the next 1/2 hour putting gobs of stuff on her face. By the time she was finished she looked like Katy Perry, but the trouble was that I had already seen her with nothing on...not so good.
It was very crowded at the restaurant so we had to wait by the packed bar. We stood by the back wall, where it was a little more quiet. All of a sudden I saw flames behind her head. There was a candle on a ledge and her hair caught on fire. Not knowing what else to do, I dumped my drink on her head to put out the flames. She was not thrilled.
My date & I went to a house party. We were having a great time laughing & getting to know each other. When I went over to the bar I saw her dancing by the pool. Before I knew it, she tripped over a lounge chair & fell in. She was flailing her arms, shrieking, & screaming that she couldn't swim. I had to dive in with my clothes on & pull her out.
Made plans to meet a woman from an online dating site at Starbucks. When I show up she is sitting there with her teenage daughter, arguing about whether or not she is allowed to get a tattoo. I said it was lovely to meet her and took my coffee to go.
I asked a girl out for a Fri. night and she accepted. All week she kept texting me how excited she was. When I got to the restaurant she wasn't there so I texted her. She said she was on the way and would be there in 5 min... 40 min. later she texted me again saying that she just got back together with her boyfriend and she wasn't coming.
I took a girl I had been seeing to my office X-mas party last year. Upon arrival she got completely wasted & disappeared into the restroom. 20 min. later she was still not out, so I went to look for her. The smell of weed & the sound of her giggling led me to my boss's office. I found both of them inside smoking a joint with their shirts off.
I invited a woman I'd been dating over for dinner. After we ate, a friend of mine called & said that he was stopping by to pick up his golf clubs. When he arrived I told my date I'd by right back & went down to the lobby to give him his clubs. When I came back upstairs I saw her on my computer reading my e-mails.
I dated a girl for a month. Then she stayed over and I couldn't find my glasses the next day. The next time I went nuts looking for my watch. Then I "lost" my cell phone. One night I insisted we go back to her apt. I found all of my stuff in her underwear drawer while she was in the bathroom. When I confronted her she said I was overreacting.
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