On our 3rd date I picked a woman up at her house. She had mentioned that her roommate was very strange, but I was not prepared for what would happen when I rang the doorbell. A completely naked chick (overweight by at least 50 lbs) answered the door and hugged me. Then she went back to ironing socks on the kitchen table and dancing to reggae music.
One girl I dated turned to kiss me and she had a herpes sore in her mouth!
I went on a date and we had to get a ride from his parents- he is 20. Then, we went up to the movie ticket booth and his credit card got declined. He had to call his parents to come back so they could give him money. After the date we waited an hour in the freezing cold for them to come get us. I never called him again.
One guy invited me to dinner & a movie. We got to the theater and found our seats. When the lights went down he opened up his backpack and handed me a peanut butter & jelly sandwich and a juice box. That was his idea of "dinner and a movie." I certainly don't expect to be wined and dined, but I felt like a kindergardner.
I went out with this girl who chewed with her mouth wide open. I was so repulsed that I couldn't look at her, so I kept scanning the room. Finally, she said "What, am I not hot enough for you? You're looking for someone better?". I had to tell her the truth. She was so insulted, she started yelling at me and stormed off.
My friend set me up with a really cute guy. Dinner went well with lots of conversation. I thought we had chemistry & we both seemed into each other. At the end of the night I said that I would love to see him again. He looked at me in an apologetic way & said that he usually dates really skinny guys & I should call him if I lose 10 lbs!
So I met this really cute guy at the movies and we really hit it off, so we exchanged numbers and he asked to take me out on a date the next night. I agreed and he picked me up and he took me to McDonalds. I was so disappointed and embarrassed because I was all dressed up.
There is a girl I have known for years (since grade 2) and we just finished grade ten... So I ask her out and she says yes. I show up at her house on a Thursday night in July and she comes to the door. With a shocked look on her face she says... "OH MY GOD! I THOUGHT U WERE JOKING!"
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