I took this girl to the movies. When the movie started she began giving me a play by play of what was happening on screen, as if I didn't understand.. After awhile the people around us got annoyed and told her to shut up. She stood up and asked if i was going to let them speak to her that way.I couldnt help but laugh and she stormed out.
I was out with this guy when we bumped into his boss and his boss's wife at dinner. My date introduced me to them by the wrong name. I was too embarrassed to correct him, so I didn't say anything. The boss insisted that we eat together, so I spent the next two hours being called Melissa by all 3 of them.
After only 5 dates I got a message on my cell phone from one girl. She sang "I Just Called to Say I Love You"... the entire song.
One woman I was seeing invited me to game night. We started with Pictionary and I was drawing 1st(I am definitely NOT an artist, by any stretch). My date starts cursing & yelling at me that my clues suck. She was fuming that we lost, giving me dirty looks & actually said that she didn't think it would work out between us.
I went on a date quite a few years ago. I let my date pick the movie. He picked Star Trek and then he cried like a baby during the movie when one of the characters died. He then asked me not to tell anyone! Who doesn't tell on that?
One guy I went out with told me, no less than 10 times, how deep he was in credit card debt and if there was any way I could lend him some cash. I told him that I wasn't in a position to be lending money, not to mention that we had just met. He said he understood and asked if I could at least pay for dinner!
I went to the movies on a date and we got a big bucket of popcorn to share. I decided to go to the restroom, while my date went inside to get us seats. The bathroom line was too long, so I went to find him in the theater. As I walked in I saw him pick his nose. I was so grossed out-there was no way I was eating any popcorn from that bucket!
The other night I had a little too much to drink on a date. It was a nice night so we decided to take a walk after dinner. My heel got caught in a subway grate and I fell flat on my face.
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